Here are some testimonials of the children in all Guatemala.


Zacapa - Guatemala

Madi is eight years old and in the 3rd grade. She lives with her parents and has a brother named Christopher. Her parents have struggled economically and accumulated a large debt with the school. This past October, Madi was blessed to receive a sponsor through the ChildHope ministry. Since she has been sponsored, we have seen a great change in her life. She recently won a bicycle in a children's outreach. The day of the outreach, she woke up and told her mom, "Today God is going to give me the bicycle that the missionaries are giving away in a drawing." And that is exactly what happened. Her name was drawn and she won the bicycle. Her parents are very grateful for the support they receive through the ChildHope program and the sponsorship. Madi is also very happy and wants to be a teacher when she grows up.



Huehuetenango - Guatemala

Eduardo is ten years old and is fourth grade. He lives in a small village called Horcones, about three hours from Guatemala City. He lives in extreme poverty with his parents, but this year his parents separated. For Eduardo, this was a hard blow, economically, emotionally, and socially. So much so that his grades dropped. Everyday Eduardo prayed for his parents and that things could go back to the way they used to be. A few months passed and he came to school sharing that his parents had reunited. He is so thankful to God for the miracle that God did in his family. When he grows up, he wants to be a teacher.



Escuintla - Guatemala

Diana is five years old and in Kindergarten. She lives about ten hours north of Guatemala City near the border of Belize. She is the fourth daughter of six children. Her family has very little resources. Her dad works in agriculture and her mom makes and sells tamales. The entire family faithfully attends church. If it were not for a sponsor through ChildHope, Diana would not have the opportunity to achieve her dreams. She enjoys exercise and gymnastics. When she grows up, she wants to be a nurse.

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