In December, the area director of Mexico called to tell us we have been asked to work in Durango City, Mexico. We also found out about a former missionary to this area that gave 43 years of her life to the people of Mexico. I decided to call her around Christmas time so I could learn more about Durango. She cried when I told her that we were going to Durango and she said she has been praying since 2000 that God would send missionaries to Durango to pick up where she left off. God’s plans are… (more…)


Some of you may know that over the past year, we have been pursing a full time Missionary Career. Both of us felt a call to missions earlier in our lives and now the opportunity has come for us to fulfill this call.
We are newly appointed missionaries to Mexico with the Assemblies of God. Our passion is to see the love of God illuminate this dark area of the World. (more…)